Participating in the Security Academy Certificate Program organized by the Near East University Near East Institute, Mr. Namık TAN addressed the crisis encountered in Turkey-USA relations and its impact on TRNC

We have entered a tremendous chaotic era in which geostrategic balances are changing rapidly.
Within the scope of the Security Academy Certificate Program that organized by the Near East University Near East Institute, the former Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, and the retired Ambassador Namık TAN gave a seminar titled as "The latest developments in Turkey - USA security relations and the possible impacts of these developments on the Eastern Mediterranean and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus".

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the Security Academy Certificate Program continues to host many significant speakers with different topics on security issues. Field experts, scholars, senior bureaucrats, diplomats, policy makers and politicians participate in the Security Academy Certificate Program as invitee speakers and address various security issues under the light of the latest developments. The Security Academy Certificate Program, which will last 6 weeks, is held at the Near East University Hospital Conference Hall 101 at 10:00 every Saturday.

Mr. TAN: “The United States of America goes through a process hard to understand”
Touching upon the crisis encountered in relations between Turkey and the United States and its impacts on regional restructuring and security architecture, Mr. TAN highlighted that the complex process that the US goes through should be understood well. Underlining the effects of divergences in the administrative structure of the United States on policy-making and implementation processes, Mr. Tan went on: "We need to have a look on the current security architecture of the world. If we get ourselves a few touch points today, the first and the first touch point is the US on the other side of the Atlantic. With its current situation, as of today, the United States really goes through a process difficult to understand. A concept that we do not already know has become increasingly more complex. After the last elections in the US, more than one administration has emerged. The balance and control mechanism between the White House, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Pentagon and the Congress is not functioning properly. Since the last periods of Obama, America has already begun to raise a serious question mark on its role of leadership in the world. At this point, this question mark is growing in the minds of everyone and going towards an unknown. This is a very dangerous development" said he.

TAN: "Russia and China are benefiting from the European Union's Leadership Vacancy in the Eastern Mediterranean"
Underlining the necessity of assessing the current position of the European Union and the efforts of Russia and China to be effective in the region within the frame of the Atlantic relations between Turkey and the USA, Mr. TAN shared his views: “The European Union project, which emerged as a civilization project, feels dejected today. England, which gave a vision of strategic thinking and action to EU that has never had a strategic thinking ability, is experiencing BREXIT process and this has seriously caused unease and trouble for the EU. Moreover, separatist movements in Europe, the situation in Catalonia and its overall economic performance have really moved the EU far away from acting as a balancing leader across the world. Meanwhile, regional actors emerged. Russia, relying on its military strength as well as its income from natural sources such as oil, pushed aside even the embargo directed to it and as it is not fully subjected to any international rule, it immediately filled the gaps and easily engaged in every ground that the USA shied away from.

TAN: “In this chaos environment, it is not possible to make progress on the solution of Cyprus problem”
Expressing his views regarding the current problems encountered in the region, Mr. TAN underlined the importance of a perseverant foreign policy in preserving national interests: “We are in a geography that forces us in terms of security relations, for example, if we were in a place where Norway or Switzerland located, we wouldn't experience some of the problems that we encounter today. However, there are some problems that this geography really imposes on us. How we will craw out of all this, we need to probe this. In the near future, it seems that the US-TR relations are not likely to play a role in solving or overcoming the problems neither in TRNC nor in the Eastern Mediterranean. My dear fellows, foreign policy is not a love relationship, it is not a family relationship, it is not a parent relationship; foreign policy is a relationship of national interests. The more you try to balance the national interests, the better you demonstrate foreign policy performance “said he.

Following the questions and answers regarding the issue, Near East University vice Rector Prof. Dr. Şenol BEKTAŞ, the Near East Institute Chief Advisor Ercan ÇITLIOGLU and the Near East Institute Executive Board Member Asst. Prof. Dr. Mete BAŞTAŞ presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. TAN in recognition of his participation and contributions.

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